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Access Your Sonic Tonic Client FTP Transfer Folder

Please enter your Client-FTP access information below to retrieve your project files.


Enter Client-FTP Username here:

Enter Client-FTP Password here:

On the next page, your browser should do one of the following:

- Pop-up a user/password window with your information already filled in (usually only on your first access) - hit Enter to continue.

- Mount your Client-FTP folder on your desktop (in OSX) - double-click on the folder to access your order files.

- Display your directory in your browser - download your files by right-clicking (or control clicking on a Mac) and saving the files to your local hard drive.

- Launch the FTP application you have defined as a "helper" application in your browser.

If you have any problems picking up your files,
please email us at
(Note: Please remove the extra spam-prevention @ symbol before emailing)